Travel to Taipei

It is very convenient land on Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) and from there get by bus or newly by MRT (metro) to center of Taipei.

To race venue: You may reserved shuttle bus from Taipei Main Station exit East 3 to venue and back, more in section Transportation.


Have accommodation in Taipei center and take shuttle bus (reserve seat during registration) is recommended for overseas participants. In TAIPEI around center book by your self by some booking provider (eg.

Examples of accommodation:

Travel from abroad with bigger group? Contact us.

Do you need help with transportation from Airport? Are you bigger group? Are you scared and lost in city (but no in forest)? Contact us!

是否有需要協助安排從機場到台北市區的交通工具? 您是較大的團體嗎? 害怕在都市迷路嗎(但不是森林裡)? 歡迎與我們聯繫,我們都可以協助您!

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any question: .

Shortly about TBT and its difficulty

It is not easy, it is hard.

Taiwan Beast Runners events are not easy, Taiwan trails and especially chosen by us are very technical and very wild. You have to be self sufficient for long time between check points and follow all mandatory equipment and instructions. If you are not sure which distance may be good for you please write us, we may help you decide. For example 50km TBT Taiwanese champion won it in 10hours and 7 minutes, and his time in HK100 is under 12:40!

Additional things to consider:

  1. Overseas runners: we recommend you arrange accommodation in Taipei City Center and take our shuttle bus in the early morning. (Finding your way to the venue the evening before the race might not be too easy)
  2. For locals living in Taipei: we also recommend taking our shuttle bus in the early morning or booking small hut/tent space in our e-shop. LINK
  3. The parking space is limited and we will charge a minimal fee of 100NTD/car. We strongly encourage everyone to be green and carpool, use public transportation or our shuttle buses.
  4. Our shuttle will leave FOR Taipei approximately every hour, with the last ride estimated at around 20:00. Afterwards we recommend carpooling in taxis with other runners equally exhausted but happy


  1. 海外選手:建議在台北市區住宿,且清晨搭接駁車至會場【公共交通不方便】
  2. 台北人:建議一大早搭接駁車或者訂露營小屋/帳篷位子LINK
  3. 關於停車位:因車位有限,建議大家共乘以及為了環保–搭公車或者搭我們安排的接駁車。停車場車位要收100NT的票費喔J
  4. 接駁車往台北大約每小時一次,最後一趟晚上8點左右。以後就跟其他疲倦朋友/選手搭計程車J