TBT will NOT be held in near future.

This event is legend.
Hard to complete, hard to organize. TBT met various difficulties in past years.
Currently it is very diffiuclt to orgnize without hardcore overseas runners for TBT50 and without big sponsor of the event. Never say never, but for now TBT as we know will not be held.


How can make TBT alive?

  • hardcore overseas runners (100+ for TBT50)
  • venue and villager issues
  • big sponsor to make this event worth to prepare
  • incident TBT2018 still in court

  • Date: TBT will not be held in near future
  • Location: Taiwan – 40 minutes from Taipei
  • Organizers: Beast Runners 跑山獸
  • Distances:
    • 50公里台湾野猪 50 km of Formosan Wild Boar
    • 25公里台湾山羌 25 km of Formosan Barking Deer
    • 12公里瘋台灣獼猴 12 km of Formosan Rock Macaque
    • 4公里台灣小鼯鼠 4 km of Formosan Flying Squirrel

Due to difficulty of the course, please understand the risk and prepare proof of your experience:


  • *join TBT50, required ITRA420 or more (general quotation) required be finisher at least 50km of trail race (ITRA-3 +)
  • *join TBT25, required ITRA300 or more (general quotation) required be finisher at least 20km of trail race (ITRA-1 +)
  • *參加TBT50公里需求: required ITRA420 or more (general quotation) 至少完成50公里以上越野賽事(ITRA-3 +)
  • *參加TBT25公里需求: required ITRA300 or more (general quotation) 至少完成20公里以上越野賽事(ITRA-1 +)
  • YOUR ENGLISH NAME HAS TO BE SAME with ITRA RECORD: http://www.i-tra.org/community/
  • It is necessary input your ITRA record during registration (general PI and URL to personal ITRA record) for runners joining TBT50 or TBT25. For exceptions need contact us. Registration without will automatically canceled and refund of registration fee minus 400NTD of administration fee.
  • Did you join already our events, here can find you english name in BEAST Slam 2018 or BEAST Slam 2019
  • No any ITRA record and still think can join? Please contact us via email.