• Every finisher will receive medal and gift. 每位完賽者將會得到一只完賽獎牌及小禮物!


The biggest satisfaction prize for you is finishing this race and enjoys it, but yes we have some prizes for faster Animals.

In 2019 awards for the TOP 7 of men and women in:

  • 12 km of Formosan Rock Macaque: Aboriginal knife + prizes
  • 25 km of Formosan Barking Deer: Aboriginal knife + prizes
  • 50 km of Formosan Wild Boar: medal + Aboriginal knife + prizes




  • 12公里瘋台灣獼猴: 刀子+獎品
  • 25公里台灣山羌: 刀子+獎品
  • 50公里台湾野猪: 刀子+獎品

Special Awards of TBT50 finishers

  • <10h Black Boar and ton of glory
  • <11h Black Boar
  • 11-13h Golden Boar
  • 13-15h Silver Boar
  • 15-17h Bronze Boar
  • 17h+ Dirty Boar and ton of pain (no necklace)